Il Diario di Tinton

I dreamed i was walking around a market with an elder woman, and when she saw these particular bedsheets (they were white background with a red/orange center. Actually, mainly red/orange. The background took only a small part of it.) she said “oh, i’m going to die in those bed sheets”. She could just tell. So i asked her more about how that worked and i think she said that she could kind of tell what person specific objects had a connection with. She walked passed another object, maybe a crib or so, and she named the person that would be using it.

She was doing very well, in terms of her health. Having seen her death sheets at the market had brought her yet another step closer to death: she now knew that her death sheets had already been woven and were out for sale. She just didn’t know how yet they were going to be hers. She certainly wasn’t going to purchase them herself.

Some time passed and eventually we hung out again or maybe we ran into each other at the same market and passed the same person who was selling those bedsheets. So she inquired about them. Turns out her daughter had purchased them. So she said “Well, now i know what i’m getting for Christmas!”.

Inevitably always one step closer to death. As a matter of fact we already are dead, in four dimensional perspective.


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