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{2012-11-19}   Cough CPR or Self CPR.
Shrinky-dink: Myocardial infarction

Shrinky-dink: Myocardial infarction (Photo credit: St. Murse)

There have been email circulating around claiming that cough can save your life while having a heart attack. See

While the statement is not completely false, it is interesting. I mean, those who say it is not receommended to use cough CPR w/o doctor supervision, don’t really state what the risks of doing it are: OK, so if it won’t save you most of the time, does it hurt? If it doesn’t, might as well, try, right?

Actually, i did just find another opinion: Josebelo Chong wrote this on his blog:

[…] But conversely, it might WORSEN the stroke if it were from a bleeding vessel and you coughed too hard, leading to increased intracranial pressure and rupturing your vessels further.

Most importantly, if one developed an actual HEART ATTACK (with the crushing chest pain, shortness of breath, and cold sweats), no amount of coughing would help the heart.  It might even make the heart attack WORSE.  In truth, in most of these cases we don’t even shock the heart, or attempt to force it to pump more blood through CPR or other esoteric maneuvers; what we do is put the patient on oxygen, try to get him to lie still in bed, and give him drugs to slow the heart beat in an attempt to make the heart REST.  Any additional stress at that point (anxiety, overexertion, an overly fast heart rate, coughing excessively) could only lead to more heart damage.  How did Dr. Petelenz’s patients live through their heart attacks?  Chances are that they didn’t really have heart attacks and could have had just a variety of symptoms ranging from anxiety to just plain fatigue.[…]

So, i guess what i will do in these cases, is try to caugh a little and see how it goes… 😉


{2011-07-02}   Bell’s Palsy Day 16

We have excluded any possibilities for some serious causes to the palsy. It’s only an inflammation at this point, probably viral, probably Epstein Barr, from blood test results. The palsy is getting worse, that means I’m getting the functionality back, right? Yes. So yesterday for the first time I was able to blink again, closing the eye foe the affected side while keeping the other one open. Eye functionality is now good enough not to be disturbing. It still doesn’t fully close when I blink quickly with both eyes.

Mouth is still behind. No trombone possible. The sound is terrible and I have almost no control. Yesterday I had an appointment with acupuncturist, but unfortunately I missed it as I left the house too late and the fact that i got stuck in traffic also didn’t help. Rescheduling is tricky, because everyone is on vacation now.

I have done one session of Shiatsu, which was a touching experience for me. I was really touched, no pun intended 😉 I was prescribed clay to cool down the inflammation, which I am doing.

However, definitely improving.

{2011-06-18}   Bell’s Palsy

Two days ago I have developed the first symptoms of facial paralysis. Turns out to be Bell’s Palsy. Because i had to travel for work (I am now already in Istanbul) and the remote possibility of not healing 100% I decided to take an aggressive approach.

I know that Bell’s palsy is self-limiting and in most cases, even if untreated, cures itself in a few months. So homeopathic therapy and a relaxed life would have been a treatment I would have had complete faith in. However, the fact of two work meetings back to back with travel and sales materials to worry about…

Bottom line is, I am learning how to do intramuscular injections on my own 🙂 shooting up vitamin B and corticosteroids. I’m still not confident, this morning I almost fainted… But last night went perfect: 0 pain, I mean 0, nothing before, during, or after. And this gives me faith that I can learn how to do them left and right in zero pain.

In the picture I am trying to close both eyes as hard as possible.


Ok, so this year’s winter silence is coming up. So then I realized it’s full moon too. How often can that happen? Not to rarely, however not that often either. I think it’s a good intersection of two calendars.

And it’s not over! Here will be a full lunar eclipse that mitt as well! Visible from the US mainly, and probably not even there because of clouds. What a magical solstice!

{2010-05-21}   Pain in the neck

Today is day three of a pain in the neck. Yes, two days ago, after making love with Olga, i took a shower and went downstairs, and started sweeping the stairs. That’s when the back started to lock up, the entire left side of the spine. I spent that entire day in bed, then the next one. And today, the pain has not subsided. However i have experienced relaxing into the pain, and that seems not to worsen it. When i react to the pain, it worsens.

I try to connect with it as a living being.

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