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{2011-03-12}   Korg iMS20 revolution

This is an app for the iPad. It’s simply amazing. How professional and accurate it is. With that a USB MIDI keyboard and the USB camera kit I’m good to go! So exciting. I can sell the computer I was keeping for musical use only!


{2010-12-17}   Harmonium

Just found the Harmonium Greatest Hits album i had been looking for for ages! There is this tune in there, called Histoire sans paroles, which i love!

{2010-11-23}   Trevor Dunn

I just purchased the latest Trevor Dunn album. I like it for now…

I really liked how I ran into this guy in Verona, because of a mr. Bungle sticker. We exchanged emails and je wrote that Calomito also sounds like Trevor Dunn’s stuff. I immediately googled him. Once I realized he is an SC3 contributor, it was real easy to do the final step.

{2009-12-02}   The Book of Angels

Secret Chiefs 3, Masada Books 2

A great CD. I really like how it has a theme, Angels and its followed throughout. Like a book.

I also like the themes of the tunes. Most of them sound fresh and are presented in a way that’s not disturbing for me.

I also like the meter of most tunes, which is not very much 4/4 like.

Great usage of effects, really mastered well. Used when appropriate.

I recognized styles used by Ennio Morricone in ‘Barakiel’ and ‘Hamaya’, and Herbie Hancock in ‘Balberith’.

My favorite today is ‘Barakiel’: i like how the theme is layed out then developed; i like the theme very much.

Great names for the tunes too. I don’t pick up any meaning, if they actually refer to something. Haven’t researched yet. However they sound angelic original therefore very appropriate.

There is a background hum throughout the CD.

All in all a very inspiring CD.

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{2009-12-02}   Brooklyn

That’s the CD name of a trio named ‘PROJECT’.

I really liked it. Now i don’t know if i did cuz i haven’t been listening to music in a while, or cuz its really good. It sounds fresh, new and not boring, although the entire album contains the dame 3 musicians playing the dame 3 instruments.

The artists took me for a walkabout around Brooklyn, through known and unknown neighbourhoods. The unknown helped me get a feel for their sound and their brilliant ideas, the known put that knowledge into context: it felt like applying pure math to real life physical applications.

The CD ends with a modern interpretation of Peter and the Wolf, in which the artists do a great job with the voices as well.

The sound of Greg Portillo on the flute is really amazing, especially the power he’s got on the higher octaves. I really liked his improvisations, which kept me on the toes, without giving much for granted… But then again, i might be biased, just cuz i know him.


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Volantino Calomito

Volantino Calomito + Benoit Martiny Band

It was a great gig: Nico broke his foot, so we only played 5 pieces, which was perfect, since i had only picked up the instrument 5 days before after a good 3-4 weeks of traveling and crazy madness.

This was the first gig after the recording session. I must say, yet another step ahead. Practicing listening and fine tuning is now the current theme for me.

The Benoit Martiny Band is made up of fine musicians, who are especially nice and social. It was a pleasure to have them around. A good musical match too.

Among the audience there was Olga, Filippo’s family with Elisa’s grandmother and mother, Camilla. Mec was not feeling well and didn’t show up.

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