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Volantino Calomito

Volantino Calomito + Benoit Martiny Band

It was a great gig: Nico broke his foot, so we only played 5 pieces, which was perfect, since i had only picked up the instrument 5 days before after a good 3-4 weeks of traveling and crazy madness.

This was the first gig after the recording session. I must say, yet another step ahead. Practicing listening and fine tuning is now the current theme for me.

The Benoit Martiny Band is made up of fine musicians, who are especially nice and social. It was a pleasure to have them around. A good musical match too.

Among the audience there was Olga, Filippo’s family with Elisa’s grandmother and mother, Camilla. Mec was not feeling well and didn’t show up.


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