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{2010-12-17}   Harmonium

Just found the Harmonium Greatest Hits album i had been looking for for ages! There is this tune in there, called Histoire sans paroles, which i love!


{2009-12-02}   The Book of Angels

Secret Chiefs 3, Masada Books 2

A great CD. I really like how it has a theme, Angels and its followed throughout. Like a book.

I also like the themes of the tunes. Most of them sound fresh and are presented in a way that’s not disturbing for me.

I also like the meter of most tunes, which is not very much 4/4 like.

Great usage of effects, really mastered well. Used when appropriate.

I recognized styles used by Ennio Morricone in ‘Barakiel’ and ‘Hamaya’, and Herbie Hancock in ‘Balberith’.

My favorite today is ‘Barakiel’: i like how the theme is layed out then developed; i like the theme very much.

Great names for the tunes too. I don’t pick up any meaning, if they actually refer to something. Haven’t researched yet. However they sound angelic original therefore very appropriate.

There is a background hum throughout the CD.

All in all a very inspiring CD.

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{2009-12-02}   Brooklyn

That’s the CD name of a trio named ‘PROJECT’.

I really liked it. Now i don’t know if i did cuz i haven’t been listening to music in a while, or cuz its really good. It sounds fresh, new and not boring, although the entire album contains the dame 3 musicians playing the dame 3 instruments.

The artists took me for a walkabout around Brooklyn, through known and unknown neighbourhoods. The unknown helped me get a feel for their sound and their brilliant ideas, the known put that knowledge into context: it felt like applying pure math to real life physical applications.

The CD ends with a modern interpretation of Peter and the Wolf, in which the artists do a great job with the voices as well.

The sound of Greg Portillo on the flute is really amazing, especially the power he’s got on the higher octaves. I really liked his improvisations, which kept me on the toes, without giving much for granted… But then again, i might be biased, just cuz i know him.


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