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{2013-01-14}   Cairo Time

Cairotime_posterA romance. I’m not usually fond of romances. Great performance from Patricia Clarkson, very well casted.

A sad story of a woman traveling all the way to Cairo to meet her husband and spend some time together, only to be greeted at the airport by one of his friends. Her husband doesn’t seem to apologetic for not being there with her. It doesn’t look like he understands how hard it is for her. That’s sad.

No, i didn’t enjoy it particularly. I don’t like watching romances on the screen: i prefer living them. Sure, for the protagonist, that trip to Cairo will always remain in her memories. Don’t we all have romances, one way or the other? This one didn’t really seem worth while a movie. It felt like a plain old classic romantic situation to me. Maybe that’s what the film maker was shooting for…

But for someone who enjoys romances, i think this movie could be very entertaining! ūüôā


{2013-01-11}   Blues Brothers 2000

When i started watching this movie, i knew it wasn’t going to be a great movie. I mean, how can one top the Blues Brothers? And indeed so it was. However, i didn’t imagine it could have been that bad. I didn’t know Dan Akroyd could perform that poorly, to be sincere.

OK, the music was good, and seeing the band come back together gave me a beautiful feeling. But the movie as a whole reminded me in a way of a porn movie, where the story is super lame, the effects are ridiculous and the only reason why one watches them is for the sex scenes. Same here: lame story, ridiculous effects, and the only reason to watch would be the music and the dancing.

The story is very similar to the original movie, except everything that has been added seemed put together by a 10 year old. For example the scene in which the commander, now part of the band, from the stage explains to his colleague that he is OK, and she simply shrugs and says “OK.” ??!! What??!! Just “OK”? is that really all you can come up with? And there are plenty such scenes.

I’m glad i watched it, so i know what it’s about. I enjoyed the music and i enjoyed the kid’s (Buster) dancing! That was really cool.

{2012-09-08}   Larger than Life

Larger than Life (film)

Watched today, gifted by Olga, seen in English.

The movie made me laugh a few times, and is neither a violent movie, nor one that makes use of sex scenes just to grab more attention. However, i was not impressed by the acting of most characters, except for Blockhead and his wife and Vera. I read in a review that the energy level of Bill Murray was low in that movie, which lead the other actors to perform accordingly, and in a way i tend to agree. It kind of felt like Murray was really just doing this movie for the money.

Nothing new about this movie, apart, maybe, the fact that the sidekick is an elephant.

{2011-11-24}   Pina 3D

Bello che non era doppiato.

Inquitante, non è strutturato in maniera semplice. Va interpretato, bisogna ragionarci sopra.

It’s not laid out for the audience. One cannot turn the brain off and watch. So was Pina Bausch’s works, probably.

Enigmatic, just as Pina probably was too. Not many words. Through her silence, she gave importance to the few words she did say. That’s what i interpreted from the movie.

At first i didn’t really understand why make this a 3D movie. Then watching it though, it became clear: it really feals like being there, at a theater. It made sense, its a whole different experience. Especially cool being able to see the performances from angles not possible to be seen when in a theater.

It’s sort of a dedica to Pina. Those who have worked with her for years have a chance to send her a 3D message through this movie.

{2011-09-11}   Face Off

I’ve seen Face Off movie a while back, and, oddly, i remembered it, when i saw it again. Its a super violent classic hollywood blockbuster, so why did i remember so much of it when i recently happened to see it again?

I came to the conclusion its about the story and the acting: the fact that the bad guy switches roles with the good guy, creates a whole new scenario, which is kinda new to the classic blockbuster movie. First of all, at the end, the bad guy can’t die, because the good guy needs his face back.

Secondly, the whole time, the good guy is playing the role of the bad guy and the bad guy of the good guy! Which creates a double acting scenario. It made me immagine a lot: “If i were, say, john travolta, how would i prepare for such a role?” Maybe i would ask Cage to act out my role first, tape it, then watch it a million times, then act it out, so that i move, talk and act out like Cage. Interesting perspective.

And the whole idea of actually being the wife of these men who are not them anymore, makes the viewer think about how much importance they give to physical appearance.

I won’t forget about this movie. It stuck with me for a day or so after i’ve watched it. It did make me feel more violent, though, after watching it. I haven’t counted the deaths in the movie, but eyeballing it must be at least 50-100.

Rete 4

Italian comedy 1977, divided in 3 stories. I started seeing it from half way through the first story. Did i like the movie? Well, not sure. At first i was desperately trying to find a bond between the title and the stories. Couldn’t find any. All three stories have to do with some kind of betrayal within a couple.

In all three stories, the main actors excelled in performance: Renato Pozzetto, Enrico Montesano and Paolo Villaggio certainly performed very well, as they always did. It felt like the producers put together this movie, with a poor plot line, just to score hit. It feels like this is the precursor of the idiotic italian comedies that come out for new year’s and christmas here in italy, even though its much more fun, and much less idiotic.

Mainly male characters, women used for their bodies. Some boobs showing. I’m happy i have seen it, as it appears to be a classic, however i wouldn’t be thrilled to have to watch it again.

{2011-07-21}   American Gigolo

Saw it again yesterday on TV. I couldn’t get my eyes off of it. I don’t know, i don’t think it was for the actual plot, it was that 1980 Los Angeles… and the young Gere.

At this movie, i learned to recognize yet another common plot style, in which the protagonist goes down throughout the movie, which left me with the doubt whether he would get framed or saved at the last minute. And he does get framed, he gets arrested, essentially he looses. Then at the very end of the movie, it seems like they just compressed another hour of movie in like 5 minutes, and saved the character. That ending was definitely cheesy.

I was particularly flattered by the looks of Lauren Hutton, who reminded me, at times, of a friend. while at other times i found her particularly unattractive.

I was also pleasantly surprised to notice the lack of violent scenes.

The movie reminded me how much Hollywood has learned to make movies over the years: American Gigolo felt very primitive in its production, in a way. This is a sensation i had, based on some cuts, some shots, and particularly the ending. And the acting of Leon (Bill Duke).

I particularly enjoyed this movie, suggested by Vittorio Scarselli, seen in Italian, first of all becuase it deals with the fear of dying. I find myself in a phase of life in which i am thinking about it quite a bit. Secondly, it is a movie which does not contain “gratuitous” sex and violence scenes. Thirdly it deals with a spiritual journey, which i am also doing by dealing with personal fears and difficulties.

And so the message the movie expresses, of being close to those who are dying, is very valuable and wholesome. When the time to go arrives, it is important we accept ‘Now it is time for dying’, and help the person who is dying accept that as well. This is why i certainly suggest the movie.

In addition, the time travel, the mysticism and the three parallel stories make it even more intriguing. Although, i must admit, i did have the sensation of the story being somehwhat simple, not fully elaborate, as if written by someone with little experience. Mind you, it is not my intention to accuse the Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel (the story-writers) of having little experience. It is my intention to express that i had such impression, that i felt as if the story was poorly taken care of.

On the other hand, this simplicity somewhat makes sense, because the story was supposedly written by Izzi, the woman main character with brain tumor, who started writing only as a consequence of her tumor.

{2011-05-10}   Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker, a 2010 french and light, positive, non-violent movie, with a light story. Actors worked well. Ending is a given, however had many interesting elements, like the members of this con-artist team: the hot protagonist, his sister (LOL! i liked her) and her husband. They work very well, and are portraid as down-to-earth human beings.

The movie has many mediterranean elements, which pleasantly breaks the hollywood style con-artist movie template. The mafia boss character added also a pleasant freshness to the plot, as he revealed to be a very smart and caring person, smarter than the main protagonist (which is rare).

The movie can be used as light, low-stress entertainment, as both the plot and the acting is quite clear and does not require too much brain-power to understand. Definitely way more pleasant the light-hearted mainstream hollywood-style movies.

The team works to help avoid women fall into situations in which they most likely will not want to find themselves in the future, or learn not to confus hormon-driven desires with long lasting life goals.¬†The message of the movies seems therefore clear: do not give too much importance to immediate passionate feelings, and do what you really want. This, though, could contrast with the ending, in which the main character actually does go after this woman he only has know for a few weeks, and now believes to be in love with…

Bottom line: It’s a fresh movie. Watch it. But don’t expect anything deep.

{2011-05-04}   Bean (Movie)

This was a DVD with Polish subtitles, a gift from Olga.

Mr. Bean always has a strange effect on me: on the one hand i like it and want to watch it, on the other, its extremely disturbing. He always shows that behavior in society we all (or at least i) try to avoid. So there is this great tension and resolution, which he plays with a lot.

Towards the beginning of the movie, its mainly filled with tension, and very little or no resolution. Then great resolution moments arrive all at once toward the second half and end of the movie, showing an ingenious and warm side of Mr. Bean which was not portrayed before. So first half, all failures, second half successes, however still maintaining the Bean characteristics. For example, he wakes up his host’s daughter from coma, however, when he departs, he shows jokingly shows them the finger as an act of greeting, as he still didn’t learn that it was actually insulting. The thing is, though, i really don’t enjoy the tension, in general, in all kinds of movies. That’s maybe also why i like documentaries a lot.

I think the movie had some messages as well: like the surgery scene, where he pulls out the bullet with his hands and saves the patient, rather than using complex machines and tools. This could be a critique to society that we are so getting addicted to toys and tools, that we are forgetting how to deal with human touch and sensitivity.

The fact that the person who brought Whistler’s Mother back to the US is a military person, who has no interest in art at all, but just in nationalistic ego or a game of power i think also hides a strong message. I’m not sure which. Probably that when something pleasant happens, it is not always for the most intuitive or rational or most wholesome reasons. When we see that a politician decides to do something that actually helps society and not other politicians, usually there is something untold. Such that the “real” story is usually less romantic.

The speech he had was a little stereotypical: it felt like it was the only way he could save himself. Although it was surprising that he decided to save himself there, rather than making a fool out of himself.

Do i suggest the movie? If you are a Bean fan, definitely a must see. If you don’t like Bean, then no. Watch one of his shorts first! Certainly there are no violent or free sex scenes, which is a plus. However, woman don’t really have a big role in the movie, apart those to follow men around. Most characters are male, and the few female characters only talk to men. Even the wife who pulls out her teeth, really doesn’t talk much about her needs. All she cares about is that Bean leaves the house.

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