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{2014-02-20}   Not Guilty


Ads like these could be illegal, in my opinion. Not only for the content of the ad per se, also for promoting anti-ethical behavior: it’s a message saying “it’s ok not to be ethical, you can do it too, and you won’t suffer from negative consequences”. The same message comes across by the fact that there is an agency that is willing to help such behavior by posting billboards around Chicago. So the reader looks at it, and thinks “well then maybe it’s not that bad after all…” even if his/her conscience tells them otherwise.


{2012-10-10}   Iceland!

Iceland Magazine was given to me when i was attending the EOS in San Sebastian, Spain: as a matter of fact, next year the EOS will be in Iceland, and i am pretty excited! The magazine really looks inspiring to me.

{2012-06-04}   Solar Impulse

The gigantic, but ultra-lightweight dimensions of this revolutionary airplane – capable of flying day and night without fuel – are its trademark feature.

To build it, the whole team had to push back the frontiers of knowledge in materials science, energy management and the man-machine interface.

Every one of its take-offs, propelled silently by its four electric motors, inspires us to consider using clean, new technologies to free our society, little by little, from dependence on fossil energy.

Restaurant Bharath
51 Rue Louis Blanc
75010 Paris
+33 (0)1 58 20 06 20

The restaurant was full at lunch time on a Saturday. About 50% Indians, with some customers eating with hands. This is already a very good sign.

I hadn’t had food like this in a while. Dishes were spicy without it being mentioned in the menu: just naturally so. I got a Thaali Vegeterian dish for €8.50 and it was marvelous and just what I wanted: an assortment of 6 or Vegeterian dishes served in a single stainless steel dish with compartments, rice in the middle and a whole wheat plain naan.

Service was fast and efficient.

5 stars, no questions asked.

{2012-02-22}   Second City, Chicago

In Chicago, meetings are over. I’m leaving tomorrow. Wait to do tonight? It’s around 730pm. I ask Sam, he looks something up, finds an interesting trombone, sax, bass, drums quartet. Sounds good? Yeah, i really like the idea, i like the idea of a trombone inspiration.

No! What am i thinking! I have a list of things to do when i’m in Chicago. And the least reads:

  • Improv Olympics
  • Second City

After a brief internet research, i decide for Second City, even though the price is much higher. So we cab it there. The show has started already: a night of sketches. They seem initially set up, then improved. Then some obvious improvisations on clues from the audience…

The cast is great: 6 actors Tim Baltz, Edgar Blackmon, Holly Laurent, Katie Rich, Mary Sohn and Steve Altien. I enjoy very much the performance of Steve (great acting, and great improv ideas) and Edgar. There is also a guest appearance of Jason Sudeikis, whose improvisation ideas are impressive, however his acting skills a tad less.

I have seen some improvisation shows in Italy and surely this team is very well trained. However, i was not impressed by how the audience clues were incorporated in the actual improvisation: sometimes they were not completely and all the times they were only used as starting point. I really like improvisation performances which end with the clue, or start and end with it, because it give the audience the impression that the actors are really on it: by the end of the sketch, the audience most likely forgot all about the clue, and then BAM! there it is, giving the entire sketch a whole new meaning. So from this perspective i am a little disappointed with tonight’s show.

The food is fun, the crowd is mostly under 30, very interesting. I purchase a way-overpriced T-shirt for Mauro, the buddy who suggested i added Second City to the Chicago todo list.

Overall, i am very pleased to have gone and know this place!

Tomorrow i fly out to Spain, San Sebastian. From there i fly out to Chicago. Then back home. All in less than 10 days. I have stayed in the Genoa area for quite a while now, almost 2 months. However, it still isn’t enough. I really don’t feel like traveling again.

Boingo Logo

Dear Traveller,

Boingo is an internet service provider for wireless internet across the world. It has hot spots in many locations such as airports and hotels.

I am here to write about the negative experiences i have had with the Boingo iPhone/iOS app and their hotspots. If you can, avoid Boingo, or use it being aware that you might be able to get only a fraction of the service they offer.

About a year ago, i purchased 10 credits of the Boingo at an airport. It was a good deal. I think it payed about 10-11 USD for 10 credits, each credit is for 1 hour of internet usage, which is pretty much the cheapest way to get online from an airport outside of the country where i have a cell phone data plan. And the way it works is easy: i downloaded the app from the App Store, and i just had to launch it, and tap start, after having connected to the open Boingo access point.

English: A gray version of an emblem used by i...

Image via Wikipedia

It worked OK for a few times: in some places it would not work, others it would, and i was able to use 3 or 4 credits.The around february or 2011, i was in paris, and couldn’t get it to work so i decided to call customer care. They were not able to help me (couldn’t find my account). Eventually i had to leave, so i decided to continue over email, so i could use the credits for the next trips.

The email exchange was useless. I kept getting replies from different customer care reps, (Eric Ortiz, Mary O’connor, Bronwyn Olsen, Mitchell Owen), always very polite, with warm wishes, but no practical info on how to solve the problem i had. What i did get out of the email exchange is that there might be two ways of purchasing credits: one is from the App Store, the other from boingo directly. The App Store way doesn’t really create an account on boingo, or maybe it does but one should be able to log in with iTunes credentials (which i was not able to do). It also seems that the App Store approach could be device specific. That is, if i purchase the boingo app with credits from the app store, and i then switch device, (say i go from iPod touch to iPhone), then i loose all the credit i have).

In short, avoid Boingo, or use it being aware that you might be able to get only a fraction of the service they offer.

{2011-09-04}   Oslo, Norway

Didn’t do much, really. Landed from Tromsø at about 18h, looked for hotel and booked single room @ Gardermoen Airport Motell for NOK495 over free wifi, which needs a user and pass combination which I got from information desk. S44 to Motell is NOK70 each way. Not bad for an 8 minute ride! Could have walked it. Didn’t think about it.

On TV watched Monty Python, not as funny as I hoped. In between, on a different channel, i found myself getting emotional on a Norwegian game show, the one where the team has to guess a sentence using as clues body gestures, no words, no tools, of one of the team members… Interesting. It’s not the first time I cry watching people performing in front of others.

However on discovery channel, a documentary on Ed Stafford’s Walking the Amazon Mission and Cho, who walked the entire length of the Amazon river in about 2,5 years. That’s another one of those amazing achievements of man. Apparently nobody had done it in history before.

{2011-09-03}   Tromsø, Norway

I had a 6 hour layover in Tromsø today. a very sunny day, lots of people outside. I found out that prepaid mobile plans are not that bad here: with less than 10€ I can have a sim card paying about 0,11€/min and 2,5€/day for Internet. Got a new pouch for cell phone and I took me quite some time to pick out a cd to buy. At the end it was Kaia Bremnes. I ordered an €18 sandwich about 15 mins ago. Now I better go see if they will manage to serve it to me within the next 5 minutes, otherwise I might miss the plane. Kind of frustrating: I thought a sandwich would be something quick.
In Tromsø, the busses are equipped with special seats for infants or for changing them:

In Norway, shopping centers and big supermarkets have their opening and closing hours posted as huge as the logo on the building itself. Seems strange at first. However of I think about it, I get most frustrated when I walk all the way up to the door only to find out they are closed.

{2011-09-01}   Svolvær, Norway

First stop on my way back to Andenes. I have already been here a day or two ago. Was it yesterday?

I met Mirty at the tourist info office. Another wise norwegian. She showed me how I will be taking two busses to Andenes, take a ferry and that I can pay with credit card. She also showed me where I can go for a short walk to tjeldbergtind.

View from Tjeldbergtind

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